First Online World Conference of Positive and Transcultural Psychotherapy

  • ONLINE from 26-28 of November 2022.
  • A rich three-day program is based on the original congress program.
  • The timeframe will be 6-7 hours per day, so our colleagues from Asia can conveniently participate.



  • Official language is English. Translation of the plenaries into Polish, Russian, Ukrainian and other languages provided by WAPP
  • Presenters are free to bring their own interpreters to their sessions. If you do, please guarantee a good quality of the translation
  • Abstract submission deadline is 01.11.2022


  • plenaries
  • hot topics
  • presentations
  • workshops
  • express talks

Participation cost:

For WAPP members:

  • 3-days ticket:100 EUR
  • 1-day ticket: 50 EUR

For non-WAPP members:

  • 3-days ticket:150 EUR
  • 1-day ticket: 70 EUR

*A reduced fee for Ukrainian members is available. If you are from Ukraine and haven't receive the corresponding letter please contact the Head Office at


To all Members  of the World Association for Positive and Transcultural Psychotherapy

Dear Colleagues and Friends,

At the beginning of this year, we were all very excited about the planned World Congress that should have taken place at the end of October in Crete, Greece. Due to the war against Ukraine which affects a large percentage of our colleagues, and considering the general conditions in the world (conflicts, pandemic, travel restrictions, economic situation etc.), the WAPP Committee for membership, governance and events and the WAPP Board of directors decided to organize the  First Online World Conference of Positive and Transcultural Psychotherapy - "Psychotherapy and psychotherapists in a world of crises" .

From 26 to 28 November 2022, all our 2,300 members but also other colleagues outside of WAPP, will have the opportunity to participate in a truly transcultural conference. We will have the occasion to exchange experiences, ask questions, learn from each other, and to enjoy each other`s company. A very interesting evening program is also being prepared for you. On the 26th November, the results of the election of the new board members will be also announced.

As you can see from  the preliminary program, the time will be mainly from 10:00-16:00 Berlin time, in order to enable our colleagues from Asia to attend, and at the same time to not being too tiring. The main language will be English with translation in some other languages.

Please register as soon as possible, check the schedule formats, and volunteer as a speaker, moderator or group leader. There are slots for 75 presentations! Don´t be shy and submit your abstract as soon as possible. If you have any questions, please contact the head office at

Dear colleagues, we are very much looking forward to seeing all of you at the First Online World Conference.

With best wishes




A 5-minute-plenary presentation about some specific psychotherapy topic which is very actual in your country or culture. It could be a short overview about the main problems of typical patients of your culture. The purpose is to get a transcultural overview during this World Conference about psychotherapy in most of the 42 member countries of WAPP. You can speak without or with PowerPoint, as you wish.

  • 30 speakers possible.

WORKSHOP (90 minutes)

Typical psychotherapy workshop with practical elements and a lot of interaction with the audience.

  • 7 workshop leaders possible.

PRESENTATION (20-60 minutes)

These are short or long lectures between 20-, 40- or 60-minutes including discussion. Here you can present your insights, interesting cases, share an important topic you are working on, or the contents of a very interesting book. This is also a good format for young professionals to present the topic of their thesis.

  • 30 presenters possible.


A 10-minute-presentation about a subject plus 5 minutes discussion. The speaker can choose any relevant subject, he/she believes would be interesting for the audience.

  • 8 speakers possible.

First Online World Conference of Positive and Transcultural Psychotherapy (26-28 November 2022)

  • November 26 - 28, 2022
  • Online via Zoom,